Школа права ПГУ

School of Law is a subdivision of the University, which utilizes the physical facilities and human resources of Juridical Institute. It is a social project, aimed at the legal culture and literacy increase of the CMW region students, which is implemented by the Juridical Institute.


  • development of legal knowledge, juridical literacy, and general knowledge increase of students of NCFD schools;
  • revealing and development of students’ creative abilities and interest towards the scientific and research activity;
  • assistance in choosing the profession and the self-realization of school students.


  • formation of respect to the law, and readiness to follow the laws;
  • transformation of juridical knowledge received into personal conviction,
  • stimulation of civic and legal engagement of students;
  • rendering help to creative self-realization of students who are going to get juridical education in the future.

The activity of the School of Law

1. The School of Law provides education in the field of legal studies and adjacent humanitarian studies for high school students.
2. The enrollment to the School of Law is based on the principle of equality of students’ access to education. The School invites 9-11 grade school students who are interested in legal studies, jurisprudence, and adjacent humanitarian sciences.
3. The School of Law provides several basic and additional courses on jurisprudence and adjacent humanitarian science, aimed at the comprehensive intellectual development of students in the field of legal studies and adjacent disciplines, and their awareness of the fundamentals and meaning of law for the society, development of legal consciousness of students, motivation to get higher juridical education.
4. Apart from the classes in the School, it organizes a whole range of other educational actions to broaden and the students’ knowledge in the field of legal studies.

Basics of the School of Law Work

1. A close cooperation of students, masters, postgraduates, graduates, and lecturers of the Juridical Institute lies at the root of the School of Law.
2. The School of Law closely collaborates with the Juridical Institute, its administration, and lecturers on the issues of functioning and academic work.

Положение о школе права ПГУ

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