Научно-исследовательский центр сравнительной педагогики

Scientific and Research Center of Comparative Pedagogics is a scientific organization established in 2002 that works at Pyatigorsk State University.

Branch of activity:

- scientific and research activity;
- pedagogical sciences and scientific service;

The principal types of activity

- scientific studies and working outs in the field of pedagogic science;
- participation in the development of target education system development programs;
- partnership in the research activity in education;
- expertise in educational programs, academic aids, scientific and methodical aids, pedagogical projects;
- scientific and methodic assistance to the educational service quality monitoring in the North Caucasus Federal District;
- working out and introducing innovational projects to the educational practice;
- organization and carrying out of scientific and practical conferences on education, including international; establishment of international partnership on focus areas of the Center;
- participation in grant competitions within the frameworks of implementation of the state programs on scientific studies in the field of education.

Other services

- collective studies;
- experimental activity;
- transfer of services in the field of research pedagogical activity.

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