The Chair of Linguistics, Russian Philology, Literature and Journalism Arts

Today the Chair unites a high-qualified staff (5 doctors of sciences, 4 candidates of sciences), who implement educational and methodic, scientific and research work in accordance with the worked-out mission and a program of Strategic Development 2050 “Outrunning the Time: Transformational (creative and innovative) University in Action”, as well as annually corrected key purposes and priorities of PSU as an advanced multi-profile university aimed at the training of competitive human resources.

The Chair implements an educational process at all levels of secondary vocational education, bachelor, specialist, master, and postgraduate studies.  The Chair staff aims at the high level of students’ Russian language as a state language of the Russian Federation, and as a means of intercultural communication and international integration. The content of the educational activity is based on the Government Standard. The chair now has the following objectives: improvement of the educational and methodic materials (in edu.pgu, IEEITOP, etc), development of contemporary ways, methods, means, and technologies of education in order to increase results of the educational process and formation of a scientific base for the student’s competencies of practice, research, innovative, volunteer, and service activity for the benefit of Russia.

Academic Activity

The fundamental aspect of the Chair's multifaceted activities is closely related to the educational, methodological, and outreach processes of all the educational programs in the field of "Linguistics and Literary Studies" and the courses "Modern Russian Literary Language"; "Russian Language and Culture of Speech", "Stylistics and Literary Editing", "Theoretical Stylistics", etc., implemented at the University.

Modernization of academic and scientific activity is implemented as a complex, combined with the system of educational work, which allows a broadening of competencies and forming a projective-transformational world view. Implementation of practice-oriented events on following projects: International Art and Educational Project of “Westphalia-Caucasus Literature Circle”; “Lermontov’s Seasons” All-Russian Competition Festival; institutes and chairs projects: Culture of Russia through the Prism of Literature, as well as blocks: profession-oriented (Professor studies, Philologists and Philology, Caucasus Literature Circle, Street Poetry festival), civil and patriotic (Russian without Borders, Visual Word, University-Museum-School), spiritual, moral and aesthetic education (Spiritual Bases of the Caucasus, Creativity which transforms the World), extremism and terrorism counteraction (Terrorism, ideology of violence, Humanity against International Terrorism, Role of Art in Humanism), etc. The work in literature clubs Novy Parnas, Lik, and Doska Kovchega (which publishes its almanac), participation in seminars and readers’ conferences, competitions, quizzes, and Olympiads promotes the development of philological analysis skills. The Chair organizes events, devoted to anniversaries of famous Russian and foreign people of arts and literature on a regular basis. Students of the Department of Literature and Journalism organize poetry contests, rhetoric competitions and debates, as well as plays based on the fragments of fiction.

The chair’s lectuters take part in the additional education programs of MIALE. The following courses have been developed by the teachers of the department: "Literacy is a guarantee of success", "Technology of effective communication", "Teaching methodology of the Russian language" - L.I. Murnaeva, "Innovative technologies in the teaching of the Russian language", "Rhetoric" - A.F. Iordanov, "Speech Etiquette in the professional sphere", "Rhetoric" - I.Y. Pogorelova, etc.

The thought of Great Russian writer I.S. Turgenev is the conceptual-philosophic and semantic-value touchstone in the Chair’s professional activity: “In days of doubt, in the dismal days of brooding over the fate of my country, you alone guide and support me, o great, mighty, truthful and free Russian speech!” The chair’s staff never stops a creative process.

Scientific Activity

Text as an Object of Philological Research is the principal scientific direction of the chair. Within the context (classic and contemporary; Russian (including Caucasus) and foreign) the chair’s scientists study its phonosemantic peculiarities (Prof. A.B. Mikhalev), ways of word formation, and methods of Russian language teaching (Associate Professors L.I. Murnaeva, I.Y. Pogorelova, T.D. Savchenko), use of idioms (Prof. N.B. Shvelidze), specificity of contemporary stylistics (Prof. L.V. Vitkovskaya, Associate Professors A.F. Iordanov, I.Y. Pogorelova), fundamentals of rhetoric (Associate Professor A.F. Iordanov, I.Y. Pogorelova).  Overwhelming semantic and artistic power of Russian word and a character of a true artistic perfection are studied by Professors V.I. Shulzhenko, L.V. Vitkovskaya, V.V. Pereyashkin, Associate Professors L.I. Murnaeva, I.Y. Pogorelova, T.D. Savchenko, Assistant Y.O. Zubtsova. The attention of the chair linguists and literature scholars is focused on the issues of contemporary Russian literary language functioning in the multi-cultural environment of the North Caucasus Federal District.

The Chair’s teaching staff participates in the implementation of the Multilevel Institute of Life-long Education and additional education programs. Recently they have worked out the following courses: Literacy is a key to success, Technology of effective communication, Methods of Russian as foreign language teaching – L.I. Murnaeva, Innovational Technologies of Russian language teaching – A.F. Iordanov, Speaking etiquette in the business – I.Y. Pogorelova etc.

Scientific studies, closely related to educational and methodologic processes are the basic elements of the multilevel chair’s work – Linguistics and Literature Studies; Literature Art; Comparative historical, typological, and comparative linguistics; Contemporary Russian literature language; Russian language and speech culture, etc.

These are the majors of postgraduate studies:

10.01.01 – Russian literature (L.V. Vitkovskaya, V.I. Shulzhenko);

10.01.02 – Literature of the Russian Federation Peoples (L.V. Vitkovskaya);

10.02.01 – Russian language (L.V. Vitkovskaya, N.B. Shvelidze);

10.02.20 – Comparative Historical, Typological, and Contrastive Linguistics (A.B. Mikhalev).

The chair’s teaching staff actively implements a university principal of “education through scientific studies” and every year it supervises 50-60 student scientific works.

Recent years have shown a significant increase in publishing activity of the scientific staff of the chair, and Hirsch index growth (V.I. Shulzhenko – 20, L.V. Vitkovskaya – 13 etc). The Chair constantly broadens its subjects and increases the level of scientific studies of the chair staff, which is shown by the number of conferences participants as well as the growth of publication activity in scientific journals (HAC, RSCI, Scopus etc), publication of monographs and electronic academic aids, registered in the Database Register (L.V. Vitkovskaya, A.B. Mikhalev, L.I. Murnaeva, V.V. Pereyashkin).

Active positioning of the studies and working-outs of the chair is implemented within the close scientific contacts and creative ties with nearby cities facilities (State Reserve Museum of M.Y. Lermontov, M. Gorky Central Library, Pyatigorsk Schools no. 18, 22, 28, 30, Kislovodsk schools no. 9 and 18, A.F. Dyakov Cossack Lyceum in Inozemtsevo) as well as with other organizations (Russkiy Mir fund, Otchizna – Union of Russians in Georgia), including newspapers and magazines publishing houses: Literaturnaya Gazeta, Inostrannaya Literatura, Zhurnal, Otkryvayuschiy Mir, Kultura TV, and others.

The Chair is a member of the International Association of the Russian Language and Literature Teachers and collaborated with Russian World Fund and takes an active part in the International forums and congresses organized by them. The results of linguistic and literature researches of our scientists were presented at the International conferences and symposiums in Havana, Shanghai, Granada, Krakow, Batumi, Erevan, Olomouc (Czech Republic), Taiwan, Greece, Poland. In 2019 Professor L.V. Vitkovskaya performed at international seminars in Poland (Wroclaw) and Armenia (Erevan); Professor V.I. Shulzhenko performed at international forums in the Czech Republic, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and at II World Congress East-West: Intersection of Cultures in Japan, participated in the work of General Meeting in Moscow, in VI International Pedagogic Seminar “Russian Language and Culture: Interconnections and interactions” in Sochi.

The Chair participates in the processes of education internationalization and Russian language promotion abroad. During a long term the chair has been actively collaborating with foreign partner-institutions (Aktau University, Kazakhstan; Dijon University, France; Kyrgyz-Russian Slavonic University, Department of Russian Language and Literature, Tamkang University – Taiwan, Luigi Vanvitelli Campania University – Italy, V. Bryusov Erevan State University of Languages and Social Sciences, Palacki University in Olomouc – Czech Republic, Abylay Khan Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages, Pula University – Croatia, etc), and with World Literature Institute of the Russian Academy of Science, North Caucasus Federal University (chair of Russian and foreign History), Kuban State University, Kabardino-Balkaria State University, Dagestan State Pedagogic University, which promotes Russian language and strengthening of Russian language positions by means of intercultural dialogue.

Russian Language in, the North Caucasus – scientific and research laboratory has been working for more than 20 years at the Chair (since 1998). Since 2001 it has been publishing an annual journal titled Russian Language and Intercultural Communication. Its editorial board consists of scientists from NCFD universities; it publishes studies materials of the researches from Europe and Asia countries. Publications of the scientific journal are used in the educational process.

Universitywide Chair of Linguistics, Russian Philology, Literature and Journalism Art is a descendant of the Chair of the Russian Language. Its history starts from the moment of the university foundation. It was headed by leading linguists V.I. Filonenko, A.I. Prokhorov, P.K. Milshin etc. About 40 years (since 1968) the chair’s major was teaching Russian as foreign language at the Chair of Foreign Students and it formed a base for the Pyatigorsk methodic school of the Russian as foreign language. As one of the oldest chairs, it preserves old traditions of Pyatigorsk Pedagogical Institute and successfully develops contemporary innovational methods of our university that opens and transforms the world.

The chair was renamed in 2015, when it was added with the Chair of Linguistic and Chair of Literature and Journalism, which impulse the major modernization of its academic and methodic activity and broadening the studies.

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УНТ и история рус. лит-ры XI - начала XXI века (включая детскую лит-ру) 0 0 0 0 0
УНТ и история русской литературы 29 35 10 0 0
Устное народное творчество и история русской литературы XI – XVII веков (включая детскую литературу) 2 2 0 0 0
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Перевод повести Софи Андерсон «The Girl Who Speaks Bear»

Перевод фрагмента романа Джона Ланчестера «Столица» на русский язык

Перевод романа Р. Кэмпбелла «Полуночное солнце» на русский язык


Перевод рассказов Томаса Макгуэйна на русский язык

Перевод на русский язык рассказов из сборника «Пало Альто» Джеймса Франко

Перевод фрагмента романа Джона Нивена «Убей своих друзей» на русский язык

Перевод рассказов Эмбер Спаркс из сборника «Недостроенные мир и другие истории» на русский язык


Перевод фрагмента романа Марка Данилевского на русский язык

Перевод рассказов Молли Антополь на русский язык

Перевод рассказа Э.Л. Доктороу «Уолтер Джон Хэрмон» на русский язык

Перевод отрывка из романа Джанет Уинтерсон «Битва за солнце» на русский язык

В данном разделе представлены научные работы студентов из сборника "Молодая наука".

Венецианский текст русской литературы: от истоков к современности (2017 год)
Автор: Гончарова Яна Александровна,
Научный руководитель: Шульженко Вячеслав Иванович,
Секция: Филологические науки, литературоведение и журналистика.
Лексические ошибки в русском языке (2015 год)
Автор: Боброва Дарья Валерьевна,
Научный руководитель: Мурнаева Лариса Ивановна,
Секция: Филологические науки, литературоведение и журналистика.
Драма рецепции: современное искусство глазами молодых (2015 год)
Автор: Богославцева К.В.,
Научный руководитель: Шульженко Вячеслав Иванович,
Секция: Филологические науки, литературоведение и журналистика.
Способы выражения эвфемистической неопределенности в поэме Н.В. Гоголя «Мертвые души» (2015 год)
Автор: Бородаева Виктория Сергеевна,
Научный руководитель: Иорданов Ананий Федорович,
Секция: Филологические науки, литературоведение и журналистика.
Возможности изобразительно-выразительных средств в судебной речи (2015 год)
Автор: Боташева Амина Казимовна,
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