Научно-исследовательская лаборатория "Русский язык на Северном Кавказе"

Russian Language in the North Caucasus – Scientific Research Laboratory was open in 1998, according to the order no. 261-k-a dated June 26, 1998, at PSLU. Timeliness of the laboratory opening is expressed by the significant integrating mission of the Russian language in the North Caucasus as a state language of Russia and as lingua-franca.

Principals of intercultural communication lie in the base of the university laboratory’s activity, within the frameworks of which there is a constant observation of the specificity of ethnolinguistic and culturological functioning of the Russian language in the North Caucasus multi-cultural region and organization of scientific and applied, comparative-historical and contrastive-typological studies.

Scientific Activity

All the chair’s members take part in the laboratory’s work. They collect, process, and search for materials in accordance with the thematic direction, which is upgraded and corrected by the section:

  • Comparative study of languages, literature, and cultures – Professors A.A. Burov, L.V. Vitkovskaya, A.M. Kazieva, A.B. Mikhalev, V.I. Shulzhenko, Associate Professors L.I. Murnaeva, I.Y. Pogorelova, T.D. Savchenko.

  • Contemporary Theory of Russian Language and Semantic Studies in Linguistics – Professors I.V. Kicheva, A.B. Makhalev, N.B. Shvelidze, V.M. Gryaznova, Associate Professors A.F. Iordanov, I.Y. Pogorelova.

  • Poetics of a literary text – Professors L.V. Vitkovskaya, A.M. Kazieva, A.V. Ochman, V.V. Pereyashkin, V.I. Shulzhenko, Y.V. Pogrebnaya (SSPI), O.K. Strashkova (NCFU), Associate Professors L.I. Murnaeva, I.Y. Pogorelova, M.A. Vakhidova (Chechen Republic), and others.

  • Methodics of Russian and North Caucasus People’s Languages Teaching – Associate Professors A.F. Iordanov, L.I. Murnaeva, T.D. Savchenko, Assistant Y.O. Zubtsova. 

  • Caucasus Text of Russian Literature: Themes, Images, Poetics, Territory of Senses, Narrative Structures – Professors V.I. Shulzhenko, L.V. Vitkovskaya, A.K, Musukaeva (KBSU), Associate Professors A.A. Kukueva (DSPU), L.I. Murnaeva, I.Y. Pogorelova, T.D. Savchenko, M.Y. Sumskaya (branch of the G.V. Plekhanov Russian Economic University in Pyatigorsk).

Since 2001 the materials of the research and educational working outs have been published in the laboratory’s journal called “Russian Language and Intercultural Communication” (registered in the Nationa Agency of the Russian Federation ISSN 2075-4930). Editorial board includes A.F. Iordanov, A.B. Mikhalev, T.D. Savchenko, V.I. Shulzhenko, and North Caucasus Institutions scientists: S.K. Bashieva and A.K. Musukaeva (KBSU), O.K. Strashkova (NCFU), Y.V. Pogrebnaya (SSPI), I.V. Safarova and E.L. Sosnina (Lermontov’s House Museum workers) and others. Last year the journal had published 16 editions of different thematics, their materials are used in an educational process.

In 2014 the laboratory published an anthology titled “M.Y. Lermontov in XXI Century” and obtained a diploma as the Best Scientific Publication in Humanitarian Sciences. A database for implementation of theoretic stylistics and literature editing (for the departments of the literature creativity and journalism) was created following this anthology.

In 2018 the Laboratory workers (L.V. Vitkovskaya, L.I. Murnaeva, T.D. Savchenko, and others) together with Caucasus Research Institute of Philology (Professor A.M. Kazieva) organized the “Russian Language and Bi-(multi)-lingualism in the Intercultural Communication of XXI Century: Cognitive and Conceptual Aspects” (Pyatigorsk, April 2018). L.V. Vitkovskaya, T.D. Savchenko, V.I. Shulzhenko took part in the IX International forum of “Geocultural Space: Smart-Technologies in Education and Society” (Georgia, Batumi, June 30 – July 5, 2017). In 2019 Professor L.V. Vitkovskaya performed with her report at International Seminars in Poland (Wroclaw) and Armenia (Erevan). Professor V.I. Shulzhenko participated in the International Forums in the Czech Republic and Armenia, congress in Kazakhstan, and II International Congress East-West: intersection of cultures in Japan, as well as in the work of General Meeting of Russian Community of Russian Language and Literature in Moscow, in VI International Pedagogic Seminar “Russian Language and Culture: interconnections and interaction” in Sochi.

L.V. Vitkovskaya, I.Y. Pogorelova, T.B. Savchenko, V.I. Shulzhenko systematically organizes seminars with methodical unions of schools in different scientific and methodological problems.

A search for new forms and mechanisms of practice-oriented directions of linguistics studies organization, broadening of interdisciplinary ties and geography of scientific contacts are the strategic peculiarities of the laboratory’s activity. Scientific studies attract students (IV year students published their materials on M.Y. Lermontov’s Language: Reception in Time) and postgraduates (in 2017-2019 they published more than 10 articles on dissertation studies).

Optimization of the system and models of the scientific studies and increase of their efficiency in the search for the possibilities of joint studies with other institutions and research centers and laboratories are the main objectives of the present laboratory work. The laboratory is aimed at the consolidated decisions on crucial issues of teaching, studies, and popularization of the Russian language, literature, and culture in Russia and abroad.

Положение о научно-исследовательской лаборатории ПГУ "Русский язык на Северном Кавказе"

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