Научно-образовательно-инновационная лаборатория «Французский для всех»

An innovational export-guided project called “French for Everyone” of the Chair of French Philology and Intercultural Communication is implemented within the frameworks of the Center of DELF/DALF Training, headed by Associate Professor I.Y. Kotlyarevskaya. It was formed in our university by the Embassy of France in Russia in 2007, although the first DALF (old version) exam sessions have been held since 1996 by  Professor A.A. Kornienko, head of the chair. The Center employs teachers, who have passed special courses of the advanced training and who were accredited by the International Center of Pedagogic Research (CIEP) at the Ministry of education of France (Professor T.F. Petrenko, Professor A.A. Kornienko, Associate Professor I.Y. Kotlyarevskaya, Associate Professor M.A. Ryaschenko, Associate Professor G.E. Ayrapetov). At present the accreditation of teachers allows them to administer tests of all levels from A1 to C2.

The project has two focus areas:

1) Within DELF/DALF for Adults there are the following types of activity:
examination sessions of DELF of different levels and DALF C1 (3-4 times a year);
preparation courses;
training and counseling.

The project implementation allows the adults to receive an international French diploma, to deepen their knowledge of French, achieving a level, required by the European international space. It also gives students an opportunity to study at any university of the world with an education in French and raise the profile of their CV while looking for a job.

The students of our university, who successfully passed the exams and received diplomas of B1, B2, and C1, have an opportunity to study at partner universities in Lille and Liege (exchange education) and in Limoges (double diploma program).

2) The second focus of the project is “Polyglot Child is a Child of the Future”. It aims at teaching French to school students and their preparation to pass DELF Junior exams. It is developed for the students of Pyatigorsk and CMW schools. School students from neighboring North Caucasus republics also take part in the exam sessions.

Apart from that, this focus area also supposes the work of the chair’s lecturers on preparing the materials for the All-Russia Olympiad on French Language (supervised by Associate Professor G.E. Ayrapetov, head of the chair).

“Polyglot Child is a Child of the Future” project aims at promotion and spreading of French among school students and at the formation of an educational base for the professional practice of students, who study “Theory and Methods of Languages and Cultures Teaching.”

The project corresponds to the strategic objectives of PSU, stipulated in the Innovational Educational Program of PSU Profi-Soci-Lingva, in the aspect of the formation of a uniform student professional and business incubator and producing of an innovative image of the university.

During the project implementation many schools and university students have significantly improved their French level, more than 300 people received DELF and DALF diplomas.

The partners of the French for Everyone project:
Center of Pedagogic Studies (Ministry of Education of France), Embassy of France in Russia, French Alliance of Rostov-on-Don, City Board of Education departments, directors of CMW schools.

Положение о научно-образовательно-инновационных лабораториях (НОИЛ) и научно-образовательно-инновационных комплексах (НОИК) ФГБОУ ВО «ПГУ»

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