Научно-образовательно-инновационная лаборатория «Параллакс»

The laboratory’s main fields of concern include:

-          Coordination of a research work at the Chair of German Studies and Intercultural Communication;

-          Establishment and maintenance of academic and informational ties with Goethe Institute (Moscow), DAAD (Bonn, Germany), Institute of Applied Sciences (Sankt Polten, Austria), International Union of German Culture (Moscow), VERBUM NOVUM language school (Mainz, Germany).

-          Development and maintenance of contacts with Russian and foreign academic organizations, which are concerned with German studies.

-          Implementation of certain research, analytic, and consulting works.

Laboratory studies are implemented within three modules:

-          Linguistics;

-          Country studies;

-          Linguodidactics.

The projects, initiated by the Academic Innovational Laboratory in the 2017-2018 academic year:

Interdisciplinary projects:

1.       Character and personal formation (T.P. Zhuravleva);

2.       Football – Game of millions. Be a champion with German (G.A. Lebedenko);

3.       Ein Querschnitt durch die deutsche und russische Bildung – Education for successful future (Professor V.F. Belova);

4.       Preparing for the Future Profession (Professor V.F. Belova);

5.       Reading German literature with pleasure (Professor V.F. Belova);

6.       Generations’ Dialogue (Associate Professor M. Wenzel) ;

7.       Project activity of students at classes of a practical grammar of German language (Associate Professor N.V. Ustina).

Extradisciplinary projects:

1.       MIALE projects (Associate Professor N.V. Ustina);

2.       School Olympiads in German language (Associate Professor N.S. Shavkun);

3.       Sag es auf Deutsch! (Associate Professor M. Wenzel, Associate Professor A.E. Mirzakhanova) ;

4.       Film.de club (Associate Professor A.E. Mirzakhanova).

Research projects:

1.       Student-master-lector (Professor V.F. Belova, Professor M.E. Morozova, Professor B.A. Malinin, Associate Professor A.E. Mirzakhanova);

2.       Practice as fundamental for the professional activity – research seminar (Professor M.E. Morozova, Professor V.F. Belova, Professor B.A. Malinin, Associate Professor A.E. Mirzakhanova(;

3.       Learn to study – creative methods for work with a material – seminar (Associate Professor A.E. Mirzakhanova);

4.       Verbal aggression in the Internet on the example of rap-battle (Associate Professor A.E. Mirzakhanova);

5.       Polylogue of Educational Concepts (Professor M.E. Morozova).

Academic projects:

1.       Peculiarities of the intercultural communication in tourism – training seminar (Associate Professor N.S. Shavkun, G.A. Lebedenko);

2.       Early German language teaching with rabbit Hans (Associate Professor N.V. Papka with pre-school establishments of Pyatigorsk);

3.       Corporative education – project together with the employment center of PSU (Associate Professor N.S. Shavkun, Assistant G.A. Lebedenko);

4.       Secrets of Success (Associate Professor N.S. Shavkun, G.A. Lebedenko);

5.       Learning is interesting (Associate Professor N.V. Papka).

Export-oriented, international projects:

1.       VERBUM-NOVUM (cooperation with the language school in Mainz and Freiburg);

2.       Austriada (internships for students in Austria, Sankt Polten University);

3.       Participation in DAAD projects (Associate Professor M. Wenzel);

4.       Ethnocultural dialogue (Associate Professor N.V. Papka).

Educational projects :

1.       German traditions festival (Associate Professor N.V. Ustina) ;

2.       At the origins of a native town (Associate Professor N.V. Papka, Professor B.A. Malinin);

3.       By the world on Christmas Day (Associate Professor N.V. Papka);

4.       We speak German here – club (Associate Professor N.V. Ustina);

5.       Dialog.de club (Associate Professor N.V. Papka);

6.       Taboo themes in German language and culture – training seminar (senior lector O.P. Schipletsova).

Положение о научно-образовательно-инновационных лабораториях (НОИЛ) и научно-образовательно-инновационных комплексах (НОИК) ФГБОУ ВО «ПГУ»

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