Center of Pre-University Education, Profession Oriented, and Adaptation Technologies (Preparatory Division)

Center of Pre-university Education, Professional Oriented, and Adaptational Technologies (CPEPOAT) is a preparatory division, and since 2013 it has been an independent structural subdivision of PSU, formed in accordance with a concept of development of new forms of pre-university education as the constituent part of a life-long education of PSU.

Since 2006, from the date of formation Associate Professor Alla Viktorovna Grigorieva, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences has been the head of the Center of Pre-University Education, Professional Oriented and Adaptational Technologies.

Today, training of high school student to standard exams, professionally oriented work and psychological consulting are the basic directions of the Center’s activity. Apart from that, the Center’s officers render methodical help to school teachers on a regular basis and work with students’ parents to inform about new trends of the Russian education. More than 200 school students are trained in the Preparatory division every year.

Educational programs in all majors are formed considering state educational standards. Module system of education makes the education process more flexible and dynamic. High-quality educational aids of the leading Russian and foreign publishing houses, author educational complexes and training methods allow achieving high results and quite short terms.

Preparatory division only employs leading tutors of the university, who has implemented a special professional training in programs “USE Expert”, “SFE Expert” (Moscow), and those who have certificates of the corresponding advanced training.

Today Preparatory Division of PSU acts in collaboration with a Federal Institute of Pedagogic Measurements (Moscow), National Agency of Test Technologies (Moscow), Research Center “University” of Moscow State University, Ministry of Education of Stavropol Krai, Department of Education of Cities and Regions of Krai.


Programs of Basic State Examination:
-    Mathematics;
-    Russian Language;
-    History;
-    Foreign Language.

New programs:
-    Smart Vocations educational program;
-    Professional testing;
-    Psychological consulting.

Programs of Uniform State Exam:
-    Russian Language;
-    History;
-    Biology;
-    Mathematics;
-    Social studies;
-    Foreign Language.

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