Multilevel Innovative Life-long Learning Academy

Mission of MILLA is to implement professional retraining and advanced training in priority directions of social and economic development of the Russian Federation using the best Russian and foreign educational methods, technologies of a distant education; efficient work of a flexible system of the life-long education, which develops the personal potential, and allows building flexible trajectories of the new competencies learning for the requests of population and employers demands.

Multilevel Innovative Life-long Learning Academy is the oldest and the biggest structural subdivision of Pyatigorsk State University. It was formed in 2010, but as well as PSU has its own rich history.

We work based on the unique 55 year experience in additional profession education, training and retraining of human resources, using the richest pedagogic traditions of the University, high level of organizational and pedagogic educational work, the newest principles of an educational process organization, contemporary informational technologies. Along with this, one of the innovative directions is students’ additional education.

MILLA is the biggest structural subdivision of PSU. Up to 1500 persons study here every year.

Contemporary methodologic principles of MILLA education promote:

-          operative upgrade and optimization of a structure and content of a professional education in accordance with the intellectual labor market demands;

-          increase of a professional mobility of institutions graduates;

-          account of the newest tendencies of additional education development, directed on the professional and personal development.

MILLA provides training and retraining of listeners on the basis of higher and undergraduate education, intermediate vocational education, secondary-level education in additional educational professional programs, with certification.

Professional retraining is a possibility to receive additional qualification in educational programs, necessary for an expert to implement a new type of the professional activity. Professional retraining program education terminates with the final assessment (graduation thesis, final exam, interdisciplinary exam). Under decision of an attestation committee, students who successfully passed the final assessment receive a diploma about the professional retraining (with programs volume over 500 hours – 1 year/ over 1000 – 2 years), which allows carrying out a new type of professional activity.

Advanced training is implemented as a short-term thematic education for an actual problems study and acquaintance of new professional skills. At volume of 16-250 hours, listeners who successfully passed the final assessment receive certificate about the advanced training. The types of final assessment are established my MILLA.

The best international and Russian methods and unique author programs are used in the work of intensive courses (foreign language studies, informational technologies, basics of entrepreneurial activity etc).

Educational forms and terms of the additional professional program are determined by an education program and (or) educational contract.

There is a possibility to form an individual educational program to study it based on the individualization of its content, considering the peculiarities and educational demands of the certain student.

After termination of a modular program of additional education, seminars, trainings, and other short-term courses with 16-72 hours without final assessment, the listener receives a certificate of PSU.

Internship stipulates formation and practice implementation of professional knowledge, skills, received in the result of theoretic training, acquaintance with Russian and international companies work.

The biggest structural subdivision of PSU, Multilevel Innovative Life-long Learning Academy has a rich history.

MILLA PSU has a unique 55-year experience of work in the Russian system of life-long learning!

We have passed a glorious way from 1961 when Department of Social Professions was formed in Pyatigorsk State Pedagogic Institute of Foreign Languages, which later became a Department of Additional Pedagogic Professions. In 1996 this department was reorganized into the Institute of Additional Educational Programs of Pre-university Training, the first institute of Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, which won the glory to the life-long learning of PSLU.

Taking into account a significant contribution of the Institute of Additional Educational Programs into the development of a life-long learning, considering the necessity of adequate solutions for the time challenges, Scientific Board of PSLU decided to reorganize the Institute into the Multilevel Innovative Life-long Learning Academy in February 2010.

Legendary concerts of the PSLU students in 1960s-1990s in International and Russian competitions, at the Bolshoi Theater and Kremlin Palace Stage, a triumph of KVN team – all this was created by students, tutors, and directors of this unique department.

Fast adaptation of the additional education of the university to the results of government reformation of 1980s, economic reorganizations in 1990s allowed creation of a new level of author programs and methods, organizing graduates training, who are able to react to the market demands, develop a principally new scheme of educational process organization with possibility to choose a tutor, study terms, algorithm of the classes conduction, to be an expert in demand on a world level.

Broadening of the spectrum of educational services, qualitative and quantitative indicators in the work were the basis for a decision of the Scientific Boar to reorganize the department into the Institute of Additional Educational Programs and pre-university training in 5/27/1996. A new stage began; it brought significant and qualitative results. If in a 1995-1996 academic year there were 16 programs of additional education, and 580 persons studied there, at present there are more than 200 additional programs, and more than 1500 people study here.

Today more than 180 tutors work in MILLA, many of them are high-qualification experts, professors, associate professors, candidates of sciences, as well as experiences practice experts. Our young colleagues – postgraduates and master’s students actively collaborate with MILAA.

No doubt a lot of things have changed in the content, work directions, organizational principles, but the main has remained unchanged – student always was a focus for us, a student with his creative requirements and possibility to choose a trajectory of his education. And this concept of additional education, successfully implemented in PSU, today is one of perspective directions of the life-long learning system development in Russia.

MILLA’s experience in organization of a parallel education in programs of additional professional education during the general higher education, retraining, advanced training, organization of a life-long learning system, which include pre-university forms of education, is known not only in Russia, but in CIS countries, and was discussed by the participants of international scientific conferences.

Like 25 years ago, MILLA is a testing facility for new educational technologies and creative projects, center, which constantly searches for a development of new work directions, estimating them in aspects of scientific level, human resources, thematic correspondence to territorial priorities, creates an educational vertical of the life-long education system in PSU, closely corresponding to the European system of professional training.

Characterizing new tendencies of the additional education model development in PSU, including regional aspects, interaction with real economy sector, issues of efficiency and quality of education it is worth noting that additional education programs of MILLA are constantly upgraded and changed, they suppose different levels, flexibility of the educational process schedule, taking into account individual requests of the students.

Every program implemented in MILLA is original, individualized considering demands of a customer, maximum integrated into the economic, social and cultural space of the region, which opens the possibilities for a further employment of a graduate in Russia and abroad.

Based on the fundamentals of the university standards tutors and officers of MILLA create new program developments for an individual and corporative education (Management in Logistics; IT-Management; PR; Special Pedagogy (Logopedy); Pedagogy: Methods of Foreign languages teaching; International Relations; TV and Radio Journalism and Advertisement Activity; Psychology; Foreign languages in Technics, Business; Oriental Languages (Chinese, Arab, Turkish, Japan); Programs of intensive Study for the Foreign Languages etc).

MILLA has a big experience in the organization of a corporative education in any of the additional education program in demand, including a customer’s office.

Individualization of the programs and schedules of education considering the peculiarities of the main specialty is a progressive and convenient form of students attraction from the Caucasus Mineral Water institutions to MILLA. More than 400 students and graduates of other institutions of the South and North Caucasus Federal Districts study in MILLA every year.

MILLA successfully implements and constantly upgrades the technologies of a distant education, which allows learning additional educational programs in a convenient environment, in their pace, receiving text, audio-video and other learning materials and test tasks on the Internet with constant information support of a tutor.

MILLA PSU is one of the leading centers of additional education in South Russia.

Orientation to the world examples, possibility of a further integration into the public system of a life-long education, transparency of an education process, mobility which allows different auditory to form their education trajectory on their own are significant advantages of MILLA programs comparing with similar programs in other institutions (Management of Hospitality and International Service; Accounting and Audit; Informational Technologies; Business Basics and Entrepreneurship Practice etc).

Auditory age is from 4 to 65!

55-year history of MILLA is a strong base for the contemporary achievements of our academy. For many generations of graduates of PSPIFL-PSLU, the name of a unique subdivision – Department of Public Professions, Department of Additional Pedagogic Professions, Institute of Additional Educational Programs and Pre-university Training, and now Multilevel Innovative Life-long Learning Academy became twin and determined their way of life for many years, and filled an everyday work with creative content, marking the professional priorities.

MILLA structure consists of the following successful subdivisions:

-          Center of an individual life-long education “Career”; Center of new educational technologies;

-          Center of new educational technologies of an intellectual development of children and youth (Entrepreneurship Academy);

-          Multifunctional center.

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