PSLU Students Participated in Formula 1 Event Organization

Волонтеры ПГЛУ приняли участие в организации Гран-при России Формулы-1
More than one hundred of students, professors, and employees of the PSLU came back fr om Sochi, wh ere Formula 1 Russian Gran Prix event took place from 8th to 11th October. Unforgettable experience, obtained on the days of Grand Prix is comparable with Olympic volunteering.

Although Olympic and Paralimpic Games in Sochi lasted much longer than a racing week, and the volunteers trainings took several years, for the Volunteer Center, Formula 1 in Sochi could be compared with them by its significance. An international level of the event, all possible functional directions of the activity and a big amount of PSLU students (this time almost every tenth of volunteer represented the Volunteer Center of PSLU) favored this. We should note that Volunteer Center was represented by the students, professors, and employees of PSLU, and external volunteers (about 30 people from different regions of Russia were selected by the Volunteer Center).

Organizers prepared various but equally responsible and interesting functions for the volunteers. Volunteers-translators were also involved into interpreting, working at medical center. Volunteers who worked at medical center had a constant contact with numerous media representatives (mainly foreign), effectively resolving issues on the journalists work, cameramen, and photographers. EVS-volunteers were the most numerous group, which were responsible for event management, receiving guests at the Olympic Park, providing Sochi Autodrom guidance help, and spectators seating on the stands. PSLU students worked in all sites, from the free accommodation zone to VIP lounges of the main grandstand. Transport volunteers were responsible for the proper distribution of the event guests by the parking lot, and the organization of shuttles traffic for media, VIP guests, and Paddock Club guests. Experienced volunteers of PSLU worked at the airport receiving and accompanying spectators, guests, and F1 teams.

Apart from this, 43 PSLU volunteers worked for the guard service company, which was responsible for the safety during the Russian series of the Formula 1. They implemented the functions of stewards, observing the guests and employees’ adherence to the access zones, provided by the accreditation card, on the positions which required good foreign language skills. PSLU students were invited for the linguistic services, help in communication in English, and they also worked together with the employees of Austrian security provider.

In spite of the shifts lasted from 8 to 12 hours, challenging functionality, and high responsibility, PSLU volunteers managed all the goals and tasks during their work. They honorably represented their university on the world event. The experience of the participation in Grand Prix Russia of Formula 1 became something completely special for every volunteer. Feeling of their own function in the high level event, their contribution into the organization of the Russian series of “royal races”, foreign languages communication practice, numerous of volunteer stories, all this made the days in Sochi unforgettable.

The management of the Volunteer Center of Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University expresses gratitude to Maria Amerikova and Yuriy Tikhonov, who supervised the activities of the volunteers’ headquarter activities of Grand Prix of Russia, for responsibility to work and organization of favorable conditions for the work of volunteers.