TEDxPSLU conference became one of just seven Russian TEDx conferences from planned 1200 to be held in 2015-2016 throughout the world. The conference takes place in our university for the third year in a row. This year it has acquired a qualitatively new level. Apart from the traditional broadening of participants geography (this year speakers from Stavropol, Rostov-on-Don, Saratov, and Moscow came to Pyatigorsk), the listeners for the first time observed the English language performance by the Saratov’s speaker Araik Arzumanyan, the director of Nova, a set of English language schools, who spoke about the necessity and importance of learning of the universal language, which would unite all the people on the planet for the elimination of troubles. The second part of the conference was rocked by the Vereskovy Myod band, and Zaur Aslanovich Zavrumov, the Prorector for Research and Intellectual Potential Development, closed the conference with his speech about the meaning of a real patriotism.

Apart from this, listeners were surprised by the performance of Alla Viktorovna Grigoryeva (Pyatigorsk), the manager of pre-study courses, Magomed Aliev (Moscow), founder, executive director, and managing board member of Sodruzhestvo International Youth Social Organization, expert of the President’s Council for International Connection, speakers from Rostov-on-Don Igor Bondar, the founder of WOODROOT Training Center, and Vladimir Vasiliev, the couch of WOODROOT Training Center, Artemiy Zatsepin (Pyatigorsk), couch-consultant, personal growth couch, social activist, Aleksandr Amiyants (Stavropol) Chief of Surgery at the Center of Implantology and Esthetic Dentistry “da Vinci”, member of Russian Dentistry Society. During the next weeks, videos of the speakers’ performances will be available on the official TEDx YouTube channel.  

We should note that TED conferences take place all over the world with a slogan “Ideas, worth spreading”. TED and TEDx conferences speakers are famous people, who achieved certain success in their field, and who have the ideas capable of changing our life. Every TED/TEDx speaker is limited with 18 minutes for their speech, this is the conference rule. This is the time for a speaker to show the worthiness of his idea for the human race on the whole, and particularly for each of us.

TEDxPSLU has become a momentous event of this year, and all who got to know about it, are waiting for the new conference next year.

The TEDxPSLU conference organizers express gratitude to the volunteers’ team, which helped to make this event legendary.

French colleagues visited the PSLU history museum, Centers of Languages and Cultures, Institute of International Relations, got to know the sights of the Caucasus Mineral Water, visited the organ music concert. 

The delegates held series of classes on linguistic and social and cultural peculiarities of French documents for the students of the Institute of Roman and Germanic Languages, Informational and Humanitarian Technologies. They talked about problems, which appear in French-English translations. 

Mrs A. Gabo and Mr. B. Rubi were satisfied by their visit to PSLU and expressed their hopes on the development of the further development between our universities, and no events on geopolitical arena would be an obstacle for this.
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Zaur Aslanovich

Alla Viktorovna