The Delegation from PSLU French Partner University

From 9 to 14 November the university hosted the delegation of Partner University from Limoges, France. The delegation included Ann Gabo, the Head of the Department of Applied Languages of Limoges University and the coordinator for the collaboration with PSLU, and Bertrand Rubi, the Head of the English Language Department, the manager of the program of double diplomas in bachelor and master courses. The visit was coincided with 15 years anniversary of our universities collaboration in teaching of intercultural communication in tourism. They met A.P. Gorbunov, the Rector of PSLU, Y.Y. Grankin, Prorector for the Academic Policy and Innovation Development, V.E. Mishin, the Head of International Relations Management, E.N. Pronchenko, the Director of the Institute of Roman and German Languages, Informational and Humanitarian Technologies, and A.A. Kornienko, the Head of a Chair of French Philology and International Communication of this institute. During these meetings the delegates noted the high efficiency of collaboration, and marked the prospects for future cooperation. The frameworks of double diplomas program are getting wider, the possibilities of education of PSLU students who speak English but not French in Limoges were determined, as well as organization of regular interpretation video classes with Bertrand Rubi, the expert in this field of linguistics.

French colleagues visited the PSLU history museum, Centers of Languages and Cultures, Institute of International Relations, got to know the sights of the Caucasus Mineral Water, visited the organ music concert. 

The delegates held series of classes on linguistic and social and cultural peculiarities of French documents for the students of the Institute of Roman and Germanic Languages, Informational and Humanitarian Technologies. They talked about problems, which appear in French-English translations. 

Mrs A. Gabo and Mr. B. Rubi were satisfied by their visit to PSLU and expressed their hopes on the development of the further development between our universities, and no events on geopolitical arena would be an obstacle for this.
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