Meeting of Public and Ethnic Councils of Pyatigorsk Took Place in PSLU

Joint meeting of Public and Ethnic Councils of Pyatigorsk took place on 3rd December 2015 in Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University. 

The discussion was focused on the interaction of local authorities, law bodies, and civil society institutes to provide the safety for the city.

Opening the meeting, Professor A.P. Gorbunov Rector of PSLU and Chairman of Public Council congratulated L.N. Travnev with his reelection for the post of Pyatigorsk mayor. He also expressed gratitude on behalf of the citizens for the work he performed, and wished further success. Afterwards the meeting participants started the discussion of two problems on the agenda. They were “Impermissibility of extremism spreading among the youth” and “The sale of spa-resort objects in Pyatigorsk”.

L.N. Travnev noted in his opening statement that the joint meeting of Public and Ethnic Councils was not casual. This is connected with foreign policy problems which our country has faced lately. In this connection Lev Travnev noted that nowadays all that is possible must be done on a local level to implement the strategy chosen by the President V.V. Putin. “Dear colleagues, it is you, leading scientists, veterans, enterprises directors, church representatives, national communities leaders whose mission is to actively participate in our city life, protecting the citizens’ rights and  public interests”, said Lev Travnev. Then, the mayor pointed out the problems, which may occur on the way to achieve these goals, firstly including Islamic State terrorist organization prohibited in the Russian Federation, and the problems with the sale of resort and recreation infrastructure objects.

A.P Gorbunov, the Chairman of City Public Council continued the discussion about extremist organizations. He noted that it was the young people who did not find their place in the society, then find themselves in extremist organizations.  “The young people, who have no vision of their future, and who do not have ground on which to rely on, begin to waver, express confusion, social immaturity. Sometimes these are the young who study in institutions. But suddenly some people appear in their life and lure them with money and dubious distinction”, said A.P. Gorbunov. In his opinion, the fight with extremism need to be intensified by means of unraveling of the ideological baits which these people use in their purposes. In this connection, a lot of work has been done. Particularly, meetings of representatives of administration, City Duma, law bodies, ethnic and religion organizations with the students who entered Pyatigorsk institutions prove their efficiency. These meetings discuss the way of behavior in the city and what legal consequences may occur in case of their violation. “When students start to realize what right behavior means, they see that it is really modern way, passing this knowledge from generation to generation”, said A.P. Gorbunov.  Besides the Rector noted the necessity of invisible work on the level of academic group, individual discussions, discussions of older with younger. It all has a great significance. 

The second issue of the meeting covered the sale of the range of resort infrastructure objects by the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia (FITUR) to private individuals: Pyatigorsk mud baths, Lower radon, Pushkin, and Pirogov baths. These objects are not only the architecture monuments, basis of historical image of the resort, but at the same time they are the positions for hundreds of high-qualified experts on resort sphere, who risk losing their job in the conditions of economic crisis. According to L.N. Travnev, Public and Ethnic Councils proved the efficiency of their work, particularly in a situation with Komsomolsky Park, which they managed to defend. “Together we will be able to keep the history and uniqueness of our city”, said the mayor. The discussion of the second issue provoked active interest. 

All participants of the meeting agreed with the opinion of Lev Travnev. In the end, members of Public and Ethnic Councils, as well as members of Junior Chamber of Pyatigorsk signed an appeal to the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin directed as well to the management of legislative and executive authorities, public organizations of federal and regional levels with a request to take questionable deals of FITUR under control.
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