New Boiler Station of the University


The opening ceremony of a new (third) boiler station of the university on the territory of PSLU campus was held on 9 December.

The construction of the boiling station was funded by federal budget.  According to the work plan of Administrative Service Office of the university, block-modular boiling house with 1.5 mW capacity was placed in operation on 26 November 2015. The boiling station is meant to provide heating and hot water for dormitories #2 and #3, sports hall, and a third part of academic building with small rooms. The facility is under video observation and 24-hour control.

After the placing of a new boiling house in operation, the heating problem of the above mentioned dormitories has been solved. Previously, it provoked excess demand energy, and unapproved operation of electric fireplaces and other heating devises by the residents. 

Economic effect expected from the opening of the heating facility is very important. According to the technical and economic calculation consumption of heating energy from the city boiler station for dormitories 2 and 3 amounted to 2150 Gcal per year (standard heating unit), which is today equal to 4.3 mln rubles. To produce heat using the proper boiler station 320,000 m3 of natural gas and 20,000 kW/hour of electricity are needed, which now equals to 2.02 mln rubles. Thus the economic effect of a new boiler station will amount to 2.28 mln rubles per year.

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