The Day of Open Doors in PSLU

Prospective students from Stavropol Krai, Kabardino Balkaria, Karachaevo Cherkesia, Kalmykia, Adygeia, Krasnodar Krai, Rostov, Tyumen Oblasts, and other Russian regions could receive all necessary information about the university and its divisions.

During the presentation of educational programs presented by the active students in the university entry hall the visitors on the first had could get to know the professions and education directions of every Institute or Higher School and to make their decision. At the official gathering with the university and its divisions management prospective students got to know more detailed information about the entry.

Apart from principal educational programs of higher professional education, the meeting covered the possibilities of training of students of secondary vocational education, and the training of school students for state exams, which is carried out by the Center for Pre-institution Education, professional oriented and adaptation technologies – Preparatory Division of PSLU.

More than 700 people visited the university on the Day of Open Doors.
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