“Russian on Fridays” classes begin – preparation for a “Total Dictation”

Начинаются занятия «Русский по пятницам» – подготовка к «Тотальному диктанту»
The classes for preparation to the “Total Dictation”, which will take place on April 16 will start on March 18, in 2.00 pm in 206 cabinet in the Higher School of Language Arts, European and Oriental Languages.

“Russian on Fridays” is a free course on orthography and punctuation for everyone: students, tutors, university employees, and all the citizens of Caucasus Mineral Water region. The classes are led by the tutors of the Chair of Language Arts and Pedagogic Technologies of Philological Education, postgraduates, and masters. Classes include interesting and visual explanation of difficult rules of Russian orthography and punctuation, after that the participants will write a test dictation, check it together with a tutor, correct and explain mistakes, and mark it. This form of work will allow improving participants literacy and to receive a high mark on dictation.

Welcome! To be literate is fashionable and prestigious.