The First UN Model Took Place in Pyatigorsk

The First UN Model took place in Pyatigorsk within the frameworks of the celebration of the Institute of International Relations in Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University fr om 14 to 18 March 2016. The event was a part of a program for development of student associations.

Opening ceremony was held in a big lecture hall of the university. V.N. Panin, Director of the Institute of International Relations, Z.A. Zavrumov, Prorector for scientific work and university intellectual potential development, V.A. Potapov, deputy head of the Foreign Affairs Ministry branch in Mineralnye Vody told their valedictions to the delegates. PSLU master student, general secretary of the UN Model V. Karsliyeva declared the start of the model and began a new tradition – every year the opening ceremony will involve the live performance of classic song. This year it was “Capriccio” played by a violin band from V.I. Safonov Children’s School of Arts.

The First Pyatigorsk UN Model united the participants from 20 cities of Russia, and 6 countries. Delegated worked in three committees: Human Rights Council, Economic and Social Council, Security Council. The sessions of the last one were in English. Students discussed current agenda, participated in business correspondence, and created coalitions. Their efforts were not in vain: the participants arrived at a consensus, and adopted resolutions on every agenda.

Cultural program should not be forgotten, after a hard day it was necessary to relax and to gain strength for decision of serious problems for world community. Office of the First Pyatigorsk UN Model got this under control. The sightseeing tour, going out for a Pyatigorsk State Musical Comedy Theater, and funny game of bamperball organized together with “Pyatigorsk Eagles” student athlete club and Chair of Physical Education and Sports were a pleasure for everyone.

“The Caucasus is really hospitable and received me with open arms. It’s great and interesting in here. I see people from the Caucasus who break stereotypes. Tomorrow is with them. I guess I’ll come back here again”, said Pavel Karkischenko, Southern Federal University.

After the termination of the Model, plenary session took place, wh ere honorable guests took their word. They were S.N. Nyuppa, Head of the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry branch in Mineralnye Vody, B.M. Gokzhaev, Second Grade Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary, Counselor for Foreign Affairs of the Head of Rostov Oblast, member of Journalists Union, L.S. Filimonov, Counselor of Diplomatic Service of the Russian Federation.

All delegates were given the certificates, every committee chose its best representative. No doubt, laser show was unforgettable event at the closing ceremony, prepared for 10th anniversary of the Institute of International Relations of PSLU. After the plenary session, guests went to see the concert, which was a final point to finish exciting and unique week.
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