New Era of the University


On April 5th, 2016 PSLU held the conference of scientific and pedagogic officers, representative of other employees’ categories, and students of PSLU. The main issue to discuss was the renaming of the university connected with its new development perspective.

Renaming of the university coincides with the contemporary concept of regional institutions development, and primarily it is linked with reorganization of higher education organizations network in regions of the Russian Federation. All regional institutions of the country has faced with self-determination, and PSLU is not an exception.

Today PSLU is multidisciplinary university, which implements diverse educational programs (11 programs of secondary vocational education, 34 majors of bachelors, and specialists, 10 majors and 22 educational programs of master’s studies, 10 majors and 21 programs of postgraduate studies), part of which goes further beyond the frameworks of humanitarian professions (for example “Information Safety”, “Applied Computer Science”, “Quality Management”, “Business Informatics”, “Innovative Studies”, “Customs”, “Tourism”, “Service”, “Hospitality” etc). This diversity implements the task for region’s demands satisfaction in new high-qualified human resources, because high training quality of PSLU graduates is commonly known. At the same time, all new implemented professional programs and majors are internationally oriented, and suppose free communication in foreign languages and ways of intercultural communication in professional spheres, since the university has a corresponding base for this, necessary experts, long-experience and broad international connections in all regions of the world: in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Arabic countries, and Africa.

A new era of the university has started. From Pyatigorsk Linguistic it has grown to a bigger university. This is coordinated position of the Minister of Education and Science of Russia, Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in North Caucasus Federal District, governor of Stavropol Krai. The new name is to fully reflect prospects of the university as a fundamental multidisciplinary world-class university in the Caucasus Mineral Waters and nearby regions of Stavropol Krai, considering its growing demands in research decisions and top-qualified human resources, underlining the wide region and concentration of its subdivisions. One more important reason is the necessity to promote Caucasus Mineral Waters on a world level.

Taking all this into consideration, the Conference decided to change the name of the university, approving a new name of “Caucasus Mineral Waters State University (PSLU)”, abbreviated CMWS, at the same time keeping the abbreviation of an old name in the official name.

New time does not mean a “farewell” with linguistic orientation for PSLU but the opposite, linguistics, foreign languages, and international communication will have a new development course, because of the international level of educational programs. The university will form a bigger spectrum of majors and programs, supported with a high level of professional foreign languages.

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