Visit of Professor M. Capaccioli in Pyatigorsk State University


On September 23, 2016, an open lecture “Why are you there, Moon, in the sky?” of Professor Massimo Capaccioli fr om the University of Naples Federico Secondo took place in a Big Lecture Hall.

An outstanding astrophysics scientist, author of the biggest large-format telescope of VST class, honorable Professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University was invited to Pyatigorsk State University owing to the initiative of the coordinator of the Center of Italian Language and Culture, Assistant Professor of the Chair of Theoretic Linguistics and Practice of Intercultural Communication at the Institute of International Service, Tourism, and Foreign languages V.K. Narymov. This visit was not the first, but it attracts a lot of interest of students and tutors as usual. It was proved by the fact that one of the biggest halls of the university did not have free seats. To speak simply about the difficult problems of human beings in understandable language is a great skill. And maybe that was the reason why the lection which was announced to be a “combination of science, fantasy, art, poetry, and philosophy to the glory of two protagonists of the history: nature and human” attracted such an audience.

However it is worth noting that the open lecture was only one of many components of the varied program of Professor Massimo Capaccioli’s visit to the university. Busy schedule of the special guest included a meeting with Rector of Pyatigorsk State University Professor A.P. Gorbunov, Prorector for Scientific work and development of intellectual potential of the university Z.A. Zavrumov, Head of the Administration of International ties and educational programs V.E. Mishin, Director of the Institute of International Service, Tourism and Foreign Language Professor A.M. Akopyants, where they discussed prospects of further collaboration. M. Capaccioli met with tutors of the Institute of International Services, Tourism, and Foreign Languages in amicable atmosphere. Center of Italian Language and Culture held a work-shop for students who learn Italian. Communication of Professor M. Capaccioli with students of Gymnasium no 103 from Mineralnye Vody, who took part in the international educational project of the Center of Italian Language and Culture “Moon Odyssey with Massimo Capaccioli” was the real event, which triggered a lot of positive emotions. All the participants were handed the certificates.

M. Capaccioli’s visit was concluded in the Media Center of PSU, wh ere Professor shared his thoughts about astronomy which became his real passion and mission. He told about his love for Russia and the Caucasus, and expressed his confidence that science is able to strengthen peace among peoples. Cultural and enlightenment, science and education mission of Professor Massimo Capaccioli is undoubted confirmation of the last thesis. Students are eager to meet with Professor again: “We are looking forward to seeing Massimo Capaccioli in Pyatigorsk State University to discover another part of the immense far space.”

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