Delegation of Chinese Tour Operators Visited PSU

A bounce of the tourist trails toRussia led substantial delegation of Chinese tour operators to the North Caucasus to create one more trail which is to become popular in the Celestial Kingdom. It is a trail along the Great Silk Way, which is being restored as a Eurasian land bridge, part of which will go through our region.

Delegation of Chinese tour operators, headed by Sir Zhao Jixin, Attaché for Culture and Tourism of the PRC Embassy in Russia, visited PSU. The meeting with PSU students who studied Chines, and Chinese students who studied Russia was devoted to the importance of growing Russian-Chinese collaboration including tourism, as well as human resource supply for the expected flow of Chinese tourist at this route.

A special significance of the meeting was given by the fact that the meeting took place on the Day of Education in PRC – national Chinese holiday.  Professor A.P. Gorbunov, Rector of PSU, S.B. Prokopov, Assistant Minister for the North Caucasus, Students of the Higher School of Language Art, Eastern and European Languages, Headed by I.B. Fedotova, who organized the meeting, congratulated Chinese colleagues and students on this day.

Leaving the university Sir Zhao Jixin noted that he did not expect his visit to PSU would be so fruitful, and he expressed confidence in the continuation of the cooperation with Pyatigorsk State University, as unique producer of human resources in sinology, for implementation of the New Silk Way tour project.
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