Happy Birthday, Dear PSU!

On Friday, October 7, Pyatigorsk State University celebrated its 77th anniversary. That day, several events took place in the university which is famous for its highly qualified education, vivid social life, and the most smiling students.

A big celebration program was opened with sporting competitions which were as usual organized by the Chair of Physical Education and Sports. From the early morning, young athletes took an active part in competitions in tug of war, arm-wrestling, race. The Square of Graduates, located right at the main entrance of the university burst with applause and words of encouragement. The atmosphere of unity, happiness, and birthday celebrations was in the air. Students in every Institute and Higher School organized a lot of interesting celebrations.

At the same time, the main building’s hall was filled with songs and different dances, from classic to improvisations, created by active students. A captivating flash mob was the present to the university from the Council of Students and Postgraduates of PSU.

The biggest event as always took place in the Big Hall of the university. There was a presentation about historic facts with old pictures of the university. Gala concert started with a sketch performed by the students of all Institutes and Higher Schools. After that, Rector Professor A.P. Gorbunov took the floor. He congratulated everyone on this event, and reviewed the work, which has been done for all these years, noting a significant progress. Aleksandr Gorbunov added that for the first time, new academic year had begun with a new name and new status of the university, as a classic multidisciplinary educational establishment. PSU Rector, answering the question “Why the university has been successfully developing for so many years?” said that it was for following and augmentation of good traditions of the university. Students showed their great creative potential, originality and responsibility, by showing a diverse concert program. The 77th anniversary was successfully celebrated.
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Aleksandr Pavlovich