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PSU Students and NCFD Young People will go to the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students

From 14 to 22 October 2017 Russia will dive into the celebration of youth and studentship. Crucial events will take place in Sochi Olympic Park, apart from it, cultural and entertainment program will take place in ten different spots of the city.

The Festival will host more than 20,000 young people from 150 countries. One of the sites will gather young leaders from different spheres: representatives of the young non-profit organizations, young journalists, creative and sport youth, young constructor engineers, youth organizations leaders, young institutions tutors, student self-administration leaders, young scientists, as well as compatriots and foreigners who learn Russian language and are interested in Russian culture.

Within the discussion sites on the Festival, young people from different countries will share their experience, discuss timely problems, and to solve them through the cooperative efforts. There will be following subjects of discussion: Culture and Globalization, Global Economy, Knowledge Economy, Development of Social Institutes, Politics and International Safety.

Russian participants’ registration started at the Festival web page on September, 10. International participants’ registration has started on October 1.

The Festival has a special significance for Pyatigorsk State University. The results of the competition to become the center of volunteers training for the Festival organization were announced on October 25, within the frameworks of the All-Russian Forum of Volunteers (Saint Petersburg). Only 20 institutions were chosen out of 70 requests, and PSU was the only winner in the North Caucasus Federal District. Aleksey Grigorievich Palamarchuk, temporary acting chairman of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs handed a certificate to E.D. Kondrakova, rector’s advisor on educational and extramural work, director of volunteer center. Volunteer Center of PSU will train volunteers from the NCFD for the Festival.

On the same day, XIX World Festival of Youth and Students started registration of volunteers. There will be 7,000 volunteers from Russia and other countries.

You can submit as volunteer or participant on the official web page of the Festival. For more details for participants and volunteers you can follow the links. The main event for the international youth is soon!
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