Opening of a Pushkin Institute New Language Center in Assiut, Egypt

Открытие нового языкового центра «Институт Пушкина» в г. Асьют, Египет

In November 2016, Pushkin Institute was opened in Assiut University on the basis of previously opened Center of Russian Language. The institute was opened within the frameworks of Pyatigorsk State University project called “Creation of the network of Pushkin Institute as an international site to promote Russian language in world cultural, scientific and educational space” in foreign partner institutions in accordance with federal program of Russian Language in 2016-2020.

From the beginning of November 2016 students of Assiut university of different specialties study two months courses of Russian language with a big interest. The courses are provided by O.Y. Protsenko, expert of the Higher School of Language Art, European and Oriental languages.

While studying, the Egyptian students got to know the possibilities of Education in Russian on-line program for self-education in Russian, and also visited some events for Russian language and culture popularization.

The best graduates will be able to have an additional internship of Russian language and culture in Pyatigorsk State University in linguistic and culturological student camp.


Olga Yuryevna