Russian-Egypt Linguistic and Cultorological Campus has Terminated

Завершил работу российско-египетский лингво-культурологический лагерь ПГУ

Two-week Russian-Egypt linguistic and culturologic campus has terminated in Pyatigorsk State University. It hosted Asyut University students, who previously had studied Russian language at Pushkin Institute courses of the Egypt partner university.

The closing ceremony of the campus took place on 28 July. Rector A.P. Gorbunov handed certificated for the successful completion of the Russian language courses to Asyut University students and letters of gratitude directed to the tutors of Russian language, colleagues, and students who organized the receipt of the Egypt students.

Apart from the Russian language classes, Asyut University students met the Pyatigorsk youth in a city House of Friendship, got acquainted with historical and cultural sights of Pyatigorsk, Yessentuki, Kislovodsk, and visited Arkhyz.


Aleksandr Pavlovich