Knowledge Day – 2017


PSU has celebrated a Knowledge Day. An exciting and memorable holiday traditionally marked the beginning of the new academic year.

New students gathered at the main square of the university together with other students of the best university of the country and the world, master’s, postgraduates, lectors, and employees.

Professor A.P. Gorbunov, Rector of PSU, vice-president of the Russian Council of Rectors, Chairman of the Council of NCFD Institutions Rectors said a welcome speech to all the visitors.

– May I offer you my congratulations on the beginning of a new academic year! For many of you, it begins for the first, time, some continue their education in masters and postgraduate studies. This year our university has been filled with great new people. We have enrolled more than a thousand of people on different levels of education, and the majority of them are here. Student times will be the most interesting. Don’t miss anything you can do here: this is not only an education possibility, this is an interesting scientific work, conferences, discussions, creativity, stage, sports, volunteering, different activities. You can express yourself in any of these!

Very soon first-year students will dive into an active student life. Students initiation, active schools, Green Apple Festival, these are the least part of the ones to come.

– Soon you will get used to being a part of this great university. We are glad to see you among PSU students. Believe me, this new academic year will be filled with new knowledge, acquaintances, and achievements. Our university creates all the conditions and possibilities for self-development not only in education but in an active student life, - said L. Arustamyan, Chairwoman of the Joint Council of Students.

– I am certain that years in the university will be rich and interesting, eventful and beautiful, and we, representatives of student organizations will try to do our best for this!, - said A.V. Vartanov, Prorector for the management of an innovative environment, intellectual activity results commercialization and regional interaction, Chairman of the Trade Union Organization of Students and Postgraduates of PSU.

Pyatigorsk State University enrolled 1017 new students. Among them are representatives of 28 regions of the Russian Federation and 8 foreign countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Vietnam, Greece, Kazakhstan, China, Turkey, and Ukraine. For the first time, new Higher School of Design and Architecture enrolled its students. Every year university widens the spectrum of available majors and professions.

We wish students, lectors, and employees of the university new achievements, energy, and success in the development of the “University that opens and transforms the world”!

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