A New Stage of PSU and DAAD Collaboration

Новый этап сотрудничества ПГУ и DAAD

Despite the complex international situation connected with sanctions fr om the European Union and the USA for Russia, a field of science and education still remains a field wh ere the borders are erased and time proved partner relationship are active.

Again it was proved on a new stage of collaboration between Pyatigorsk State University and German Service for Academic Exchange (DAAD), which is the biggest German community for the international academic relations support.

In August 2017, E.N. Melnikova, Assistant Professor of the Chair of Linguocommunication and Applied Foreign Languages of the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism, and O.P. Shipletsova, senior lector of the Chair of German Studies and International Communication of the Institute of Roman and German Languages, Informational and Humanitarian Technologies had three-week advanced training in the Potsdam University (Germany) in program “Deutsch als Fremd – und Fachsprache”.

A diverse educational course, which included several modules (German language as foreign; special German language in economy, politics, architecture; contemporary systems of electronic education), was perfectly added with a rich cultural program of the famous castles and palaces. Apart from the practice classes, the program contained review lectures, devoted to the problems of contemporary linguodidactics.

The participation in international advanced training was made possible by the financial support of the German Service of Academic Exchanges, and personal consultations of M. Wenzel, lector of DAAD in Pyatigorsk State University.


Olga Petrovna

Yelena Nikolayevna