Pyatigorsk – Pula: Collaboration Strengthens


An official visit of Pyatigorsk State University delegation which included Rector Professor A.P. Gorbunov, V.E. Mishin, head of the Department of International Relations and Educational programs, I.B. Fedotova, head of the Chair of language arts and pedagogic technologies of philological education, head of Pushkin Institute – Center of Russian Language and Culture in Juraj Dobrila University (Pula, Croatia) has terminated.

As it was previously informed, apart fr om the participation in an opening ceremony of Pushkin Institute on a Day of Russian Language and Culture in our Croatian partner university there were lections with presentations “Symbols of Russian Culture” and “Russian Writers of XIX-XX centuries”, which were shown by Professor I.B. Fedotova. A festival of Russian movie took place in evenings. Croatian students enjoyed Piter FM, Burnt by the Sun, and Bolshoy, devoted to the Russian ballet.

In exchange, Croatian students showed video presentation about their linguistic and cultural internship in Saint Petersburg and told to Pyatigorsk guests about their impression of Russia and North Capital.

An official part of the visit included the meeting with Professor Alfio Barbieri, Rector of the Pula University, discussion of academic collaboration projects with the heads of Philosophic Department and Department of Economy and Tourism, wh ere they determined basic directions and perspectives of interaction in philology, Russian studies, tourism, and hospitality, including semester education in partner universities, as well as possibility for mutual production practice.

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