The Letter of Gratitude to A.P. Gorbunov from ZAO ORTODOKS Cruise Company


The letter says:

Administration of ZAO ORTODOKS Cruise Company expresses its genuine respect to Pyatigorsk State University entrusted to you for a long-time cooperation in temporary employment of students and confirms its readiness to prolong the collaboration in 2017/2018 academic year.

We are also interested in the further cooperation with the Chait or German Studies and Intercultural Communication and personally N.S. Shavkun, head of the Chair, who provides training of the students for their work as managers and interpreters with the German language at the motor vessels of the company.

Administration of ZAO ORTODOKS Cruise Company wants to express its gratitude to the students of Pyatigorsk State University for having good skills for a language practice, and administration of PSU, respect and best regards.

M.N. Kovalyov, Director of ZAO ORTODOKS.

It has become a good tradition to summarize the temporary employment of Pyatigorsk State University students on the motor vessels of ORTODOKS Company (Rostov-on-Don).

This year was especially successful, which is confirmed by the letter of gratitude mentioned above, certificate in honor of the Day of Navy and River Craft Employees, received by Liana Zhirova, IV year student, who worked as reception manager at Tikhiy Don motor vessel, and positive feedback for a work of our students at all cruise ships of the company.

Professional orientation conference for the summarizing of the temporary employment for 2017 navigation took place on 11/8/2017 in Institute of Roman and German Languages and Humanitarian Technologies under the coordination of N.S. Shavkun, head of the Chair of German Studies, and Lector G.A. Lebedenko.

The purpose of this conference is an experience exchange, advanced training, and determination of new tasks in the foreign language study.

The factor of generations continuity is not less important. As usual, I year students are invited to the conference. Older students tell them about peculiarities of the temporary employment, share their experience and give recommendations concerning German language learning, help in choosing the further employment.

As the results of the conference, the resolution was approved, and the further improvement of educational process was planned for the students in Theory and practice of intercultural communication.

We express a deep gratitude to E.D. Kondrakova, Head of the Department of Formation of Social Competencies, Civil education and graduates’ training for employment and further career, G.S. Kasparov, Employment Center officer, and N.M. Kashirina for a fruitful collaboration.

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