International Conference on Informational Safety “Secure IT World


International Conference Secure IT World about the informational safety took place in Saint Petersburg on November 10, 2017. P.N. Baryshnikov, Assistant Professor of the Chair of historic, social, philosophic disciplines, oriental studies and theology took part in this event. The purpose of the conference was the creation of a site for discussion of the strategic issues of informational safety among the representatives of Federal Agencies (FSS, FSTEC), IT directors and public members. The participants’ reports were devoted to the today’s threats, attacks types, and methods of informational protection of different objects: starting from the safety of critical infrastructures of the Russian Federation, up to the problems of import substitution in defense. The report of P.N. Baryshnikov “Cyber violence on the Internet: the reaction of a language and society” attracted a great interest from the listeners.

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