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Festival of Educational Possibilities in Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism

Festival of Educational Possibilities “Enter the right way!” took place in Institute of Foreign Languages, and International Tourism on November 15, 2017. It was organized as the part of a professional oriented project “School-Institution-Region”. More than 140 students and teachers of Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Svetlograd, and Petrovskiy Raion of Stavropol Krai took part in this festival.

Professor Y.Y. Grankin, Prorector for academic policy, education quality control and informatization greeted the participants, Professor I.M. Akopyants, Director of IFLIT told about the basic directions of professional training of the higher education and secondary vocational education in the Institute. Meeting with G.Y. Lebedev, Candidate of Historical Sciences and secretary of enrollment commission was very informative and useful for school teachers and future students.

Ceremonious program of the Festival of educational possibilities included concert part where IFLIT students took an active part as well as Kislovodsk school #2 students, demonstrating a huge range of foreign languages.

Festival program included a range of seminars and workshops, prepared for the school teachers. The following seminars got positive reviews from the teachers: “International telecommunication project, as of efficient models of educational process organization”, prepared by V.V. Elkin, head of the chair of linguocommunicativistics and applied foreign languages as well as seminar “Some aspects of British and American cultures in comparison”, which was presented in English by E.E. Naumenko, Associate Professor of the Chair of English Philology. Within the framework of the Festival, a seminar of the Goethe Institute on the methods of German language teaching (Tertiärsprachendidaktik) took place, led by Associate Professor N.M. Kashirina.

The Festival was organized and supported by the coordinators of academic work of IFLIT and assisted by the student council of IFLIT

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