“Year in Russia” Festival in Asyut University, Egypt

“A Year in Russia” festival took place in the Center of Russian Language in Asyut University, Egypt on December 17, 2017. It was a final event in a two-month course of Russian and Arabic languages.

Fundamental symbols of Russia which were recognized at once by Egyptian students were represented in this festival. During an hour and a half all who came to the event were able to travel to Russia, learn more about its traditions and culture, not only to listen something interesting about favorite Russian festivals but also take part there. The program was divided into four parts by the seasons. In “spring” all participants sang Katyusha and tasted real Russian pancakes. In “summer” they played “hot potato”, using the words they learned in classes of the Russian language. In “fall” they read A.S. Pushkin poem “Unylaya pora…” In “winter” students celebrated New Year. They actively discussed winter games and tried playing snowballs. After that, they called for Ded Moroz, who did not forget the presents for each student.

Egyptian students also prepared a presentation “Symbols of Egypt”, told about the culture and traditions of their country in Russian. And Russian students thanked the administration of the university in the Arab language.

This event really was a festival of the Russian culture, which strengthened the collaboration between two universities and Russian-Egyptian ties. The event was held under the guidance of O.Y. Protsenko, lector of the Chair of Linguistic Arts and Pedagogic Technologies of Philological Education.

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Olga Yuryevna