The Project of IRGLIHT Master’s Students in Limoges University (France)

Проект магистрантов ИРГЯИГТ в университете г. Лимож (Франция)

Master’s students of Institute of Roman and German Languages, Informational and Humanitarian Technologies, Yuliya Diomina and Stanislav Melikov who study the programs of double diplomas in Limoges University (France), represented a project in the English language called “Green Strings Festival” together with French students who study Communication Spécialisée (English).

The project is a program for a festival (the event for adults and children, music bands performance), which is to take place in one of Paris parks. During the project working out a work web-page of the festival in English was made as well as programs for adults and children with event description, budget account needed and a search for potential partners and sponsors. Four brochures, 2 posters were done as well because this is a simulation of a project to be represented to Paris administration for them to back this festival. The performance was judged by the lector of Limoges University, who noted a high level of English language.

IRGLIHT team congratulates the students on the success in their study!