University Readings – 2018 in PSU

More than 300 master’s students, postgraduates, and lectors of Pyatigorsk State University took part in traditional University Readings-2018. Science and practice conference, organized during the Days of Science in PSU took place from January 11 to 12.

Professor A.P. Gorbunov, Rector of the PSU, officially opened the conference emphasizing some important achievements of the university and its staff and awarding E.B. Ivanyushina, Assistant Professor of the Chair of experimental linguistics and intercultural competence with a Certificate of Merit.

A.P. Gorbunov in his report “Social-transformative super-alternative for Russia and all humanity as a really successful way out of the profound global super crisis” told about the necessity of transition to a new “social-transformative super-type of Russian state and society, which allows unification of the entire society for a creative and positively transformations super-ground”. To do this, A.P. Gorbunov appealed to the listeners to begin development of the avant-garde social and humanitarian science, which sees the future and to work for a real prospect and result.

Professor N.V. Baryshnikov, Rector’s counselor told about the problems of pedagogical education and prospects of its realization in Pyatigorsk State University. He noted that today pedagogic researches are done without paying attention to an educational practice, contemporary pedagogic science needs in new methods. Nikolay Baryshnikov focused on the fact that Pyatigorsk State University possessed a powerful pedagogic potential, doctors, and candidates of pedagogic sciences work in different chairs of a non-pedagogic profile.

Participants performed with reports on various subjects. Professor Y.V. Usova, from the Chair of international relations, politology, and world economics touched upon a subject of an orientation of contemporary youth at the example of Stavropol Krai. Yuliya Usova presented data from the youth survey about their attitude to political processes in our country, level of their patriotism, views on the life level in Russia.

In this connection, questions about safety, particularly informational safety are very important. They are connected with the absence of proper knowledge about the use of a global web.

Associate Professor G.A. Vorobyov, Head of the Chair of informational and communicative technologies, mathematics, and informational safety told about Internet fraud and appealed to the participants with a request of not sharing their personal data, which makes ground for cyber-crimes.

The plenary meeting was terminated with a presentation of Innovations and Achievements of the University in 2017. It included information about basic results of the university subdivision activity for the past year.

After that, there were different seminars, including timely problems of linguistics, literature, psychological and pedagogical sciences, history, modern times, informatization, mathematics and natural sciences, modern law.
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