New Impetus of the Center of Portuguese Language and Culture of Portugal and Brazil

One of the priority tasks of the innovative development of Pyatigorsk State University is an implementation of an all-university project called “Diversity of Languages and Cultures”. The Center of Portuguese Language and Culture of Portugal and Brazil occupies a special place among the rich and diverse range of cultural and language centers of our university, reflecting bright colors of the unique culture of lusophones.

On March 2, 2018, a new head of the Center, Associate Professor T.N. Kulakova made a big cultural and educational event with an aim to show the students the cultural, language, and historical legacy of Portugal, as well as to activate their interest to the study of the Portuguese language in this Center.

During the event, Eduardo Mera de Oliveira, lector from Cadiz University showed a presentation in Portugal and Russian languages about the role and a place of the Portuguese language in the contemporary world. He made a comparative analysis of phonetic, lexical, and semantic correlations between Portugal language and relative Spanish, French, and Italian languages. He also told the listeners about the fundamental cultural and historical peculiarities of Lusophony as a complex of Portuguese language speakers in the world. The students were able not only to listen to the native Portuguese speech but also to practice phonetical basics of língua portuguesa.

Apart from this, III year students of the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism of PSU Maria Machekhina, Valeria Shpakovskaya, Leyla Musayeva, Dzera Merzaeva, Olga Shuvayeva, Zarina Nayfonova, Asiyat Katinova sang a funny song in Portuguese “A Nossa Vez”. Evgeniya Nozdrikhina read a Portuguese poem by Fernando Pessoa “Não basta abrir a janela”, and Anait Manukyan read an English translation of this poem.

At the end of the event, all participants including representatives of the Chair of linguocommunication and applied foreign languages tasted national Portuguese dishes – Pastel de Belem cakes, and Tuna salad.

All these made a big impression on students and participants. It made a new impetus for the development of the Center of Portuguese Language and Culture of Portugal and Brazil and we hope that events like this will repeat again and again.
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