PSU Students on Language Internship at Asyut University

Студенты ПГУ проходят языковую стажировку в Асьютском университете по программе межвузовского сотрудничества
On February 28, 2018, students of Institute of Translatology and Multilingualism and Institute of International Relations came to the partner university in Asyut for the Arabic language internship under the collaboration agreement between Pyatigorsk State University and Asyut University. The group was supervised by Olga Protsenko, lector of the Chair of Language Arts and Pedagogic Technologies of Philological Education.

According to the tradition, host party introduced cultural and historical heritage of Egypt in Cairo to PSU students. After a cultural program, the group headed to Asyut, where they will be learning Arabic language, Arabic civilization and Islamic history for two months.

Together with this, O.Y. Protsenko will provide two-months courses of the Russian language for Egyptian students in the Pushkin Institute in Asyut, formed under the direction of Dr. Salah Abu Elhava.

The university held an official meeting with PSU delegation, where Dr. Ahmed Abdu Geysa, director of the Asyut University said his greeting speech.

It should not go without mention that cultural and language exchange program between the universities has been successfully implemented for many years due to the support of Salah Abu Elhava, director of the Center of the Russian language in Asyut University.

Olga Yuryevna