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Pyatigorsk State University Hosts VI International Politological Forum “Russian Caucasus”


On October 10-11, 2018, VI International Politological Forum “Russian Caucasus” took place in Pyatigorsk. The event was organized by Federal Agency for Nationalities. Pyatigorsk State University was one of the sites of the Forum’s work.

The Forum was organized in order to discuss problems of general Russian civic identity formation, Russian integrity strengthening, ways to the timely economic, law, social, organizational, management, and other North Caucasus problems solution as well as considering of a stable regions growth strategy, analysis of the past, present and the future forecasts for the North Caucasus.

The event gathered education, government, journalism figures. The Forum’s work was focused on four subjects: Formation of General Russian Civic Identity in the North Caucasus Region; Development of Recreational Resources of the North Caucasus Region; Social and Economic Development of the North Caucasus Region and its Influence on the Strengthening of International and Interconfessional Unity of Russia; Mass Media as an International Relations Harmonization Factor. Political experts, historians, international and interconfessional relations experts, representatives of federal authorities, regions governors, religious, scientific, and social figures as well as foreign countries representatives took part in the discussion.

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