PSU Students Take Courses in Liaoning Technical University (Jingzhou, PRC)

Студенты ПГУ проходят обучение в Ляонинском политехническом институте (г. Цзинчжоу, КНР)

As a part of the academic collaboration, students of the Higher School of Management at the Institute of Translatology and Multilingualism, International Relations Institute have been having a semester language practice in Liaoning Technical University (Jingzhou, PRC) since September 2018.

Liaoning Technical University, being a multidisciplinary state institution, offers PSU students, who study at bachelor’s and master’s programs, semester-long Chinese language courses. This program is funded by the government of the Peoples’ Republic of China.

During these courses, students receive new language knowledge and skills, learn the traditions and culture of China, actively participate in a student life together with Chinese students. After the courses termination, they can pass the exam and receive certificates for the Chinese language level (HSK).