PSU Students in Italy


As a part of the collaboration agreement between Pyatigorsk State University (Pyatigorsk, Russia) and Linguistic Lyceum “Alessandro Greppi” (Monticello Brianza, Italy), backed by Department of International Ties and Educational Programs the exchange program between two institutions has started.

On October 20, 2018, secondary vocational education students fr om Institute of Foreign Languages and International tourism, supervised by N.V. Khomovich, senior lector of the Chair of Linguocommunicativistics and Applied Foreign Languages and lector O.V. Sycheva came to the partner-lyceum at an exchange program.

Lectors and students were kindly received by Italian families wh ere they will live during their Italian courses. Students of Alessandro Greppi organized a warm greeting meeting for Russian students on the first day of classes in Lyceum.

A rich cultural program waits for our students including sightseeing in Milano, Monza, Como, and Lecco.

In March 2019, Pyatigorsk State University will receive Alessandro Greppi lyceum students with a return visit.

A program of language and cultural exchange was made possible by efforts of Maria Grazia Bennazini, Russian language and literature lector at Alessandro Greppi linguistic lyceum.

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