PSU Students Successfully Terminated Language Internship in Italy


From October 20 to 31, 2018, secondary vocational education students and higher education students from the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism, supervised by N.V. Khomovich, coordinator for internationalization and international collaboration of IFLIT, and O.V. Sycheva, Italian language lector at the Chair of Linguocommunicativistics and Applied Foreign Languages, took a language internship of students exchange at the linguistic lyceum “Alessandro Greppi” in Monticello Brianza (Italy).

On the first day of study after the meeting with Anna Maria Beretta, director of Lyceum, Russian students started their classes. Apart from the Italian language classes, organized especially for this group, students attended math, art, history, and English classes. Group supervisors N.V. Khomovich and O.V. Sycheva also visited Italian, Russian, English, Spanish, history, philosophy classes in order to exchange experience. After the internship, the students received certificates of the course completion.

Outside school hours, PSU students were able to go on sightseeing tours in Milan, Monza, Lecco, and Como together with their exchange program curator Maria Grazia Binazzini, lector of Russian language and literature at “Alessandro Greppi” Lyceum, they also visited Verona, Venetia, and Torino together with families which they stayed with.

Having received a precious experience of diving in into an authentic language environment and contemporary Italian reality, PSU students continue studying the Italian language at their home university with greater enthusiasm.

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