“Days of Germany in Pyatigorsk” Festival Took Place at PSU


From November 12 to 16, 2018, Pyatigorsk State University hosted an annual festival “Days of Germany in Pyatigorsk”. An organization of different-type events which focus on a healthy lifestyle popularization as well as German language is a global idea of this year festival.

The project’s targets:

  • Increase of interest of children, teenagers, and youth to sports;
  • Support of German language study prestige;
  • Inclusion of different subjects elements into foreign language communicative context;
  • Activation of professional interaction forms of teachers and lectors of all educational levels.

Our festival has its own history and it has been organized for the 8th time.

This year’s festival motto was “Fußball – Symphonie als Triumph der Einheit”. It became a logic continuation of sports and cultural events devoted to the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Professor A.P. Gorbunov, Rector of Pyatigorsk State University, Professor E.N. Pronchenko, Director of Institute of Roman and German Language, Informational and Humanitarian Technologies, E.A. Pivovarova, deputy chairman of the committee on physical education and sports at Pyatigorsk administration, Associate Professor N.S. Shavkun, head of the Chair of German Studies and Intercultural Communication, Associate Professor S.A. Imnaev, head of the Chair of Physical education and Sports, and Associate Professor N.V. Papka, director of the Center of German Language and Culture took part in the opening ceremony of the festival.

“O Sport, you are Peace”, - said Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Games, and he was right. As well as foreign languages learning, sports opens up a new way for our students into the interesting and diverse world. This diversity was shown to the students at the sports and language event “Do with, do as we do, do better than we do!” by Marlies Wenzel, lector of the German Academic Exchange Service, and Mr. Muller, a marathon runner, a guest from Germany.

Students from Pyatigorsk State University, K. Khetagurov North Ossetian State University (Vladikavkaz), and North Caucasus Federal University (Stavropol) took part in this project.

Sports and dance groups “Elegia” and “Koketki” created a festive atmosphere of the event under the direction of Tatiana Viktorovna Igolnikova (Pyatigorsk).

Sports unites people of different ages and nationalities. Several competitions and games devoted to the football theme, as well as futsal competition among students and school students, were organized to prove it.

Continuing a range of events within the “Days of Germany in Pyatigorsk – 2018” IRGLIHT students under the direction of G.A. Lebedenko, lector of the Chair of German Studies and International Communication visited “Essentuki Center of the Disabled Persons Rehabilitation”. The meeting had a motto “Fit mit Deutsch – Be Fit with German”. It was an inclusive event, aimed at the further socialization of disabled persons through foreign languages and German culture learning.

A sports action “All Equal in Sports” which took place on November 15, 2018, continued the events of German language festival. This year’s slogan of the festival – “Football symphony – unity triumph” – proves the idea that sports is a uniting power for all people regardless of their age. “All Equal in Sports” action attracts older generation people to physical activity. A set of easy exercises was shown within this action by G.V. Shianova, lector of the Chair of Physical Education and Sports.

Sport is a game, and it is moved
By unity of luck and skills.
O sport, you have my soul renewed,
A source of energy and thrills!

A music part was a highlight of the festival. “Thumbing a Family Album” music evening within the All-Russian Marathon “German Music – Surprise and be Surprised!” organized by the Interregional Association of German Language Lectors and Teachers and Goethe Institute. The marathon is devoted to the popularization of the German language and German music culture.

IRGLIHT students took part in the marathon, as well as students and teachers from School no.12, Pyatigorsk, School no. 2, Kislovodsk, School no.7, Mineralnye Vody, and others.

“Let’s read together aloud” action was organized in the CMW schools. It is an innovative event, presented at the “Days of Germany in Pyatigorsk – 2018”.

On November 16, 2018, German publishing houses DIE ZEIT, Stiftung Lesen и Deutsche Bahn Foundation organized annual national public readings for school students “Let’s read together, let’s read aloud”.

Thanks to Mrs. Wenzel, lector of the German Service of Academic Exchanges, this action was also launched in the Caucasus Mineral Waters. DAAD lectors Jana Georg (North Caucasus Federal University), Robert Ortel (Tyumen Industrial State University), and Pyatigorsk State University students read German texts aloud to Russian school students from Pyatigorsk schools no. 1, 3, and 12.

All sports and cultural events organized by PSU lectors, Germany guests, as well as German Academic Exchanges Service lectors workshops, were devoted to sports and football.

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