PSU Rector's Address to Foreign Applicants

Address of Professor A.P. Gorbunov, PSU Rector, vice-president of Russian Rectors Union, Chairman of NCFD Institutions Rectors Council, Doctor of Economic Sciences to Foreign Applicants.

It is with a pleasure that I introduce to you Pyatigorsk State University listed among leading Liberal Arts Universities in the country and welcome you to join our friendly international student community as the first step and crucial point in your future professional career.

We offer high educational standards, innovative curriculum and developed infrastructure as well as a wide variety of majors and professions of high demand at the international labour market. Our University Degree has been recognized everywhere in global world. Suffice to say that our graduates live and work in more than 120 countries worldwide enjoying both public recognition and welfare.

We also offer very safe environment, friendly and hospitable local community, scenic countryside and mild climate of South Russia that along with lower living costs make an ideal place to live and study toward exciting future.

Welcome to Pyatigorsk!


Aleksandr Pavlovich