Urait Published Professor A.A. Burov’s Textbook on the Russian Language Etymology

В издательстве «Юрайт» вышел учебник профессора ПГУ Бурова А.А. по этимологии русского языка

Moscow publishing house “Urait” issued a textbook and practicum for academic bachelor program “Etymology of the Russian Language” written by A.A. Burov, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor at the Chair of Literature and Pedagogic Technologies of Philological Education at the Institute of Translatology and Multilingualism and V.G. Levedinskaya, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor at Krasnodar State Institute of Culture.

This textbook is devoted to one of the most captivating branches of science which is etymology. It pays a lot of attention to the problem of the affinity of languages.

The textbook was marked by Academic Methodological Association, it is recommended for the higher institutions students of humanitarian disciplines.

This academic aid is for the PSU students from 44.03.01 Pedagogic Education, minor in Philological education, 44.03.05 – Pedagogic education (with two minors), Russian language and Chinese language, as well as for the students of higher educational institutions who study humanitarian disciplines, postgraduates, lectors, and all who are interested in the Russian language etymology.


Aleksandr Arkhipovich