“Greetings from Russia” International Cultural and Educational Project

Международный культурно-образовательный проект «Привет из России»

The project called “Greetings from Russia” was presented at the Center of International Education on February 12, 2019. The project is a part of Matryoshka club, headed by N.A. Orlova, Deputy Director of the Center of International Education, Associate Professor at the Chair of Language Arts and Pedagogic Technologies of Philological Education with the participation of “Russian Wave” cultural and educational association (Madeira, Portugal).

This international cultural and educational project consisted of Russian language classes (grammar, oral and written speech, country study). The students of the Center of International Education and Preparation Department for Foreigners received letters from Portuguese students who started learning the Russian language in Madeira. CIE students answered with their letters, exchanging pictures with new friends. Communication in Russian is an important condition.

We pay gratitude for the project realization to Elena Marochkina, vice president of “Russian Wave”. We hope that projects like this will promote Russian language learning in the world, and strengthening ties between Russia and Portugal as well.


Nina Anatolyevna