PSU Received High Esteem from Mass Media


On Monday, February 11, 2019, Russia international multimedia press-center hosted the meeting of Olga Vasilyeva, Minister of Education of the Russian Federation with parents on the questions about “Education” national project. The principal directions of the Ministry of Education, which directly affect the interests of parents, were discussed as well. This meeting was broadcasted online and was uploaded here.

The national project consists of 10 federal projects. Each of them helps to solve a certain problem in the education field development. It is directed on the achievement of goal, stipulated in the Order of the President of the Russian Federation date May 7, 2018 “On National Targets and Strategic Aims of the Russian Federation Development up till 2024”: provision of a global competitiveness of the Russian education, placement of the Russian Federation in a top-ten world countries with the best education quality; education of a developed and socially responsible person, based on the spiritual and moral values of the Russian Federation peoples, historical and national traditions. The parents received answers to their questions.

One of the questions was asked about Uniform Exam. In a context of the introduction of the Uniform State Exam on foreign languages, obligatory since 2022, a problem of teachers shortage becomes very serious. Olga Vasilyeva noted that this problem was timely for the whole Russian territory but the North Caucasus is the most problematic region. She added that it was a feasible problem, since “the North Caucasus has a very strong Pyatigorsk State University which covers the part of this problem.”

The name and status of our university have slightly changes (Pyatigorsk Institute of Foreign Languages was world-famous in Soviet times, and later it had a status of the linguistic university for more than 20 years): now it is a classic Pyatigorsk State University, however linguistic majors still occupy leading positions with a high level of education. All non-linguistic majors include 1-2 foreign languages, which promotes the high competitiveness of the graduates. At present, the university offers 24 languages to learn. This is the “flavor” of all the majors.

An interview with Garik Martirosyan, a famous Russian showman, anchorman, stand-upper, art director, co-producer of a popular Comedy Club show, has recently gained a new wave of popularity. He told about the guys from KVN team, winners of the KVN Higher League 2004. In his interview, he mentioned the members of that team: Semion Slepakov, Aleksey Lyaporov, Ilya Romanko, Elena Borscheva.

His words prove a high level of PSU graduates. He told with great pleasure, that it was due to Pyatigorsk (Linguistic) University, from which they graduated knowing several languages, and mainly having a great knowledge of Russian literary language, they write different texts including comic ones.

Thank you for your high esteem!