Pyatigorsk Architects Tour

Экскурсия «Архитекторы Пятигорска»

On March 15, 2019, within the frameworks of the “Culture and Time” project, Natalia Viktorovna Doronina, Associate Professor at the Chair of historical, social and philosophic disciplines, oriental studies and theology together with I year students of IRGLIHT went on tour devoted to Sergei Guschin, a Pyatigorsk city architect.

S. Guschin used brick eclecticism style with gothic elements in his works, as well as art nouveau. His works in Pyatigorsk include City Duma building, Hermitage hotel, Elza manor, Gukasov coffeehouse, tradesmen school, Karachay parochial school.

This event promoted the formation of students’ comprehensive attitude to the historical and cultural heritage of our city, which is an important part of the patriotic education of young people of the Russian Federation.


Nataliya Viktorovna