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PSU Adopted the “Strategy 2050”: Outracing the Time: Transformational (Creative and Innovational) University in Action


On March 13, 2019, Pyatigorsk State University held a conference of its officers and students. The adoption of a strategic documents complex was on the agenda: Strategy 2015 PSU and Program of Strategic Development of PSU in 2019-2025.

Strategy 2050 PSU is a perspective long-term program of the university development, a whole complex of strategic program documents of PSU, which correspond to the world trends of education, science, and innovations. The adoption of this complex of renewed strategic documents of the university is especially symbolic because 2019 is a year of 80th anniversary of Pyatigorsk State University, which has passed different stages of its history as PSPI-PSPIFL-PSLU-PSU. This is significant, because from the one hand the university staff not only constantly addresses to its history, thinking overs its past, and rely on its richest tradition and from another hand it looks confidently into future projects it, and builds a reasonable way of further long-term promotion.

Strategy 2050 PSU includes ten documents which represent the continuation of the previous Strategy of the university (Strategy 2020 PSU: from traditional university to creative and innovational university, adopted in 2011) since their messages and stipulations have not run its course and keep their timeliness because of their soundness and long-term perspective. At the same time all the documents included are structurally renewed, and some of them significantly.

This Strategy shows potential and a program of the university development in new social and economic conditions for the period of 30 years (2019-2050) as an improving transformational (creative and innovative) university, University that opens and transforms the world!

Concretization and specification of this perspective long-terms Strategy are laid on medium-term programs of the university development. The first program (Program of Strategic Development of PSU in 2019-2025) was presented at this conference as well. It includes processes and adopted complex of measurements for the university subdivisions in order to fulfill 204 Order of the President of the Russian Federation dated May 7, 2018 “About National Targets and Strategic Aims of the Russian Federation Development till 2024”.

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