IRGLIHT Students at the Teleconference Devoted to Normandie-Niemen Unit

Студенты ИРГЯИГТ на телемосте, посвященном эскадрилье Нормандия-Неман

On May 20, 2019, students of Institute of Roman and German Languages, Informational and Humanitarian Technologies Elena Nafanailova and Karina Kramar took part in a video-conference with France, organized by the Essentuki administration and devoted to Normandie-Niemen squadron.

Relatives of the famous regiment aviators and officers of Normandie-Niemen memorial were on the French side and members of City Veterans Council were on the Russian side.

The video-conference is organized by the members of the Russian department of Club de Chans international association, represented by its head I.A. Shipulina.

This event became the first stage of a joint project of Club de Chans and PSU, devoted to the commemoration of the Russian-French squadron.

Earlier, on May 14, during the meeting of I.A. Shipulina and I.Y. Kotlyarevskaya, head of the Center of French Language and Culture, they discussed the implementation of this year-long project which would include video-conference, translation of Alain Fages’s book under the title “Normandie-Niemen” and his visit to the Caucasus.


Lyudmila Aleksandrovna

Inessa Yuryevna