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High-Level Meeting at Pushkin Institute – Center of Russian Language and Culture (Viseu, Portugal)

Встреча на высоком уровне в Центре русского языка и культуры «Институт Пушкина» (г. Визеу, Португалия)

On May 21, 2019 Dmitry Yuryevich Guzhelya, Rossodrudnichestvo director’s counselor, Olga Aleksandrovna Filonova, deputy director of Cooperation in Education and Science, and Vladimir Aleksandrovich Luzgin, representative or Rossotrudnichestvo, counselor at the Russian Embassy in Portugal visited Pushkin Institute – Center of Russian Language and Culture at Piaget University in Viseu, Portugal.

They discussed the Center’s work at the primary schools of Viseu at the meeting, along with an upcoming Day of Russian Language and Culture – 2019 event, and mapped out the prospects for the further development and cooperation.

Diana Ivanovna Merinova, II year master’s student at ITAM (Pedagogic Education, Linguistic and pedagogic models of Russian language teaching) is a Russian language teacher in Viseu schools. She is doing an internship in Portugal and promoting the Russian language in the world educational space. A great amount of work on popularization of the Russian language and culture in Portugal is carried out by Tereza Panteleychuk, Prorector of Piaget University, head of the Center of Russian Language and Culture.

According to V.A. Luzgin, this meeting was made possible due to the fruitful 5-years long interaction of Rossotrudnichestvo representatives in Portugal and Pyatigorsk State University. This period saw the implementation of advanced training, cultural and educational events (Days of Culture in Portugal), “Ambassadors of Russian Language” special federal program in schools of Portugal, and conferences with the active participation of PSU, organized by Rossotrudnichestvo. Such an efficient interaction was made possible thanks to an active position of Rossotrudnichestvo in Portugal, represented by V.A. Luzgin, concerning the promotion of the Russian language, as well as a purposeful activity of Pyatigorsk State University, represented by its Rector A.P. Gorbunov, V.E. Mishin, Director of the Department of International Ties, E.D. Kondrakova, rector’s counselor for an academic and extramural work, N.A. Orlova, deputy director of the Center of International Education, and I.B. Fedotova, head of Pushkin Institute Center at PSU.


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