PSU Scientists at the International Conference of Slavicists

Ученые ПГУ на Международной конференции славистов

XIII International Conference of Slavisicts took place at Wroclaw University (Poland) within the project of “Great Cultural Themes in Slavonic Literature”. PSU scientists (Prof. L.V. Vitkovskaya, and I.F. Golovchenko) were among the participants of the conference. The forum was devoted to the issues of historical memory, the influence of the problems of the past on the present, and on contemporary life. It is worth noting that many reports of Polish, German, Czech, and Italian scientists were based on the materials of Russian literature and art. For example, Ritsuko Kider from Kyoto University (Japan) presented the analysis of V. Pelevin’s works in his report. Memory motifs were presented by Russian scientists from MSU, Saint Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Kazan, Yaroslavl, and others.


Leokadiya Vasilyevna

Igor Fedorovich