Pyatigorsk picks up the Universiade Baton Fire

On 24th of May, the flask with the Fire arrived at Pyatigorsk, which has become the 12th Russian city to pick up the Fire on its way to Kazan. The Fire was delivered to the main campus of PSLU, where it was placed before the start of the Baton Fire procedure across the city of Pyatigorsk. At the same time, PSLU awarded the best athletes of the University who took the prize-winning places in individual and team regional and all-Russian competitions. PSLU also hold a press-conference devoted to the Universiade Baton Fire in Pyatigorsk. At 12 noon the Baton started. 34 carriers of the Fire, namely the best athletes, students and volunteers of the region carried the Fire along the streets and squares of Pyatigorsk. The fineal carrier of the Fire was Gorbunov A.P., Rector of PSLU, Chairman of the NCFR Rectors’ Council.