Asyut-Pyatigorsk – the ties become stronger

For three days PSLU has been receiving the official delegation from the Asyut University (Egypt). PSLU has had close ties of friendship and collaboration with this University since 2006. The delegation included professor Mostafa Mohammed Khamal, Rector of the University and professor Salah Abuelhav, coordinator of the interuniversity programs of collaboration with the universities of the CIS. The aim of the visit was to sum up the results of the collaboration and to conform the plans of its further expansion. On the results of the visit and the meeting of professor A.P. Gorbunov, Rector of PSLU with professor Mostafa Mohammed Khamal, Rector of the Asyut University, the two sides signed a new Memorandum on bilateral collaboration for the near future, which opens horizons for new initiatives and projects.